About our company

Espinal Puro

was founded in 2019 by Fred Espinal, when he understood that through the cigar he unites, celebrates and shares the Latino community in New Jersey. Being able to learn about his roots and establish a respectful relationship with older people has always been a priority for Fred, and what better way to do it than through an excellent cigar.

Born in Bonao, Dominican Republic and raised in the United States, Fred wanted to pay homage to his grandfather, Don Estanislao Peña Duverge; a man who dedicated his life to public service and his people; This is where El Gallo was born as a symbol of the fight that we fight every day for our identity as Latinos, Caribbeans and Hispanics. With an always clear north, he focused on developing Espinal Puro, not only for the quality and medium profile of its cigars, but also as an intergenerational brand with which people can identify.

Made in the Dominican Republic, Espinal Puro has a repertoire of exquisite blends for the aficionado’s palate, always keeping in mind the curious people who want to taste a cigar of excellence for the first time. The Gallo Coronado is one of their most popular cigars and comes in a 56×6 format with a Pigtail and an exquisite Ecuador Natural wrapper, resulting in a one-of-a-kind luxurious smoke. Other vitolas also stand out, such as: Espinal Puro Smooth, Medium and the delicious Maduro. Espuelas is one of the favorites amongst Latinos in New Jersey, a vitola in 52×5½ format, which provides a unique and luxurious experience that pleases all types of fans. Espuelas has become one of the most mentioned cigars on radio stations in New Jersey and New York.

If we talk about Espinal Puro we talk about a community and it is because Fred always says: “If God gives me the opportunity, we have to give to the needy”. Fred or Espinal as he is known by many, is distinguished by always helping, whether in his native Dominican Republic where he mentions that there are few resources for poor communities or in New Jersey where he sponsors local businesses, broadcasters, concerts, fashion shows and local artists. and internationals that meet at the events.

Espinal Puro has become one of the fastest growing “Boutique” brands in the Latino community of New York and New Jersey. With a production and sales of over 30,000 cigars in their first year, people promote “La Marca” as they call it, and it’s with and through tobacco that people unite, mobilize and inspire a new generation in the tobacco industry.