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Espinal Puro

was founded in 2019 by Fred Espinal, when he understood that through the cigar he unites, celebrates and shares the Latino community in New Jersey. Being able to learn about his roots and establish a respectful relationship with older people has always been a priority for Fred, and what better way to do it than through an excellent cigar.

Born in Bonao, Dominican Republic and raised in the United States, Fred wanted to pay homage to his grandfather, Don Estanislao Peña Duverge; a man who dedicated his life to public service and his people; This is where El Gallo was born as a symbol of the fight that we fight every day for our identity as Latinos, Caribbeans and Hispanics. With an always clear north, he focused on developing Espinal Puro, not only for the quality and medium profile of its cigars, but also as an intergenerational brand with which people can identify.

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Our cigars are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic.

Carefully selected with the utmost best attention to detail & quality.

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EspinalPuro, LLC owns and operates it’s own tobacco manufacturing company named after Fred’s son, Hanleys Cigar Company or (HCC).

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